Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most common and most affordable option available, making it a budget-friendly roofing option that delivers a sturdy and reliable roof. We offer a wide variety of colors so you’re able to tailor your roof’s finish according to your design preferences.

What are the benefits of Asphalt Shingle Roofs?

There are many factors that make asphalt shingles the most popular choice for home roofs. Here are some of its major benefits:

  • Affordability – An asphalt shingle roof is a fraction of the cost of most other roofing types. Even on the premium end, asphalt shingles still give homeowners on a budget the best bang for their buck. *If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option, try composite shingles.
  • Color Variety – It comes in a wide variety of colors as well, ranging from neutrals like shades of grey and brown to more statement-making colors like blue and green.
  • Simple Installation – Both asphalt shingle roof installation and repairs are relatively simple since new shingles can be installed on top of existing ones, assuming that there aren’t more than two layers underneath already and that the roof deck itself is in good condition.

For all your shingle roofing needs, call Chuy’s Roofing. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate.


Can you help me choose my shingle color?

Although every home is different and everyone’s tastes vary, the table below may help you match shingle colors to your home’s primary exterior shade.


Red Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Green
Light Grey Grey, Black, Green, Blue, White
Beige/Cream Brown, Black, Grey, Green, Blue
Brown Grey, Brown, Green, Blue
White Almost any color including Brown, Grey, Black, Green, Blue, White
Wood or Log Houses Brown, Green, Black, Grey
How long should my shingle roof last?
Here are signs to look for that will tell you it’s time for a new roof.
  1. How old is it? Fiber cement shingles last about 25 years while asphalt or composition shingles can last about 20 years. If your home is shaded by trees or tall buildings, the roof may last longer.
  2. Curling shingles: Curled shingles are a warning sign that probably shouldn’t be ignored.
  3. Missing shingles: Like brakes on you car, or a cavity in your tooth, the longer you put it off, the bigger project it becomes. Even a little bit of water could damage your woodwork, drywall, plaster, and insulation in that area.
  4. Cracked shingles: These are a sure sign of an older roof in need of replacement. A single crack is a perfect opening for water to seep through and cause severe water damage.
  5. Granules in the gutter: Granules are bits of the shingles breaking off which is another indicator that the roof tiles are nearing the end of their useful life.
  6. Sunlight from your attic: This can’t be good. Let’s have a look.
  7. Roof sagging in the middle: A sagging roof can be caused by many things, including a breakdown of structure beams, or excessive weight. It should be addressed as soon as possible to ensure your roof is not at risk of collapsing.
What will a new shingle roof cost?

Invite Chuy to take a look. There are many variables that determine the cost. Your quote is free, and there’s no obligation.

Will it be asphalt or composite shingles? Does the job require complete removal of the supporting substrate, or can it be re-roofed over existing shingles? Are there any skylights, chimneys, or attic fans in place already, or would like ones added? Is it a flat or pitched roof? Is your roof easily accessible or will it require a crane for access?

When is the best time to replace my shingle roof?

Although there is no official “roofing season” and usually roofers work year-round, summer and autumn are the busiest times for roofing companies here in Texas. However, it is possible to have your roof replaced in the winter or spring when there is less demand.

How can I make my shingle roof last longer?

1. Don’t power wash your shingles.

The concentrated spray from a power washer can loosen the shingle granules, resulting in damage that may not be covered by the warranty. Instead, have a professional use a broom or leaf blower or manually remove any dirt or moss.

2. Make sure that your attic is ventilated.

Inadequate ventilation and/or poorly located vents can both lead to condensation buildup on the plywood supporting your roof, which in turn can cause them to rot. A badly placed exhaust fan can do the same. This isn’t something you can easily diagnose yourself. We can check your system and suggest fixes, which can save you money and headaches later on.

3. Clean your gutters often

By keeping your gutters clean, you can prevent a buildup of water that can lead to leaks.

4.  Fortify your roof

Corpus Christi is prone to hurricanes and severe winds. Our roofers install seal decking with a special sealant and we use shingles with a larger nailing area to prevent wind uplift, then we lock down all of the roof’s edges with metal flashing to ensure you’re protected.


Should I replace my shingle roof before I list my home?

A huge portion of a home’s curb appeal is due to the condition and aesthetic of the roof. If you’re selling your home and your shingle roof is in poor condition or in need of major repairs, you may have trouble getting people to bid on your home.

A lot of buyers these days are either on a budget or simply don’t want to spend money on major roof repairs after buying a house. By replacing your roof before you sell, you can get ahead of trouble while still recouping most or all of the costs when you sell.